May 4, 2014

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Poet Mary Oliver: her book “Dog Songs”

This poem warms my heart. It’s from Mary Oliver’s latest book, “Dog Songs”. It’s about a rescue dog, so I dedicate this to Sherman and Bruiser. My two rescue dogs.


What Shall I do?

When I pick up the broom, he leaves the room.

When I fuss with kindling he runs for the yard.

Then he’s back, and we hug for a long time.

In his low-to-the-ground chest, I can hear his heart slowing down.

Then I rub his shoulders and kiss his feet and fondle his long hound ears.

Benny, I say, don’t worry.

I also know the way the old life haunts the new.

This is a great poem for a rescue dog. And I constantly fondle Shermie’s ears which is why I added his photo above. Thank you Mary Oliver. Your poetry is beautiful.


One thought on “Poet Mary Oliver: her book “Dog Songs”

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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