RIP Mick: Police K9 Falls -A Tribute To Working Dogs

April 18, 2014

Maybe it’s the music I’m listening to, maybe it’s the fact that a Police K9 was shot yesterday protecting his partner, maybe it’s all the beautiful stories I just read on Facebook about lives being saved and children growing up – today I’m especially grateful for my friends, family and three dog companions that lay beside me today and every day.

The bond and relationship between a policeman and their canine partner has always inspired me. It only seemed right – to dedicate a post to this fallen solider. (More about working police dogs was discussed on KATU with a cop from the Beaverton K9 Unit).


Working Dogs: Part One

That said, this is the introduction of a three part series. I’m attending a Nosework Seminar this weekend as both Shermie and Walter are in Nosework classes once a week, have their Odor Recognition Trials behind them and can participate in Nosework I trials. The reason I started this training is largely because I find scent work fascinating. This is a sport and for fun but a lot of judges have law enforcement backgrounds and teach seminars for eager students.

I’ll be posting three stories over the next week.

1) I’m attending a seminar Saturday – The Detection Dog: Understanding Odor and Olfaction – so I’ll be blogging about:

  • The Odor molecule
    How the canine nose works. (Olfactory system)
    Breathing vs. Sniffing
    Theory of scent discrimination
    Factors effecting Odor Temperature, Wind, Humidity, Environment
    Utilizing your knowledge of Odors and Olfaction in K9 Nosework®
    Training scenarios
    Environmental issues

2) What is Nosework: A snapshot into my weekly class with Joyce ‘s Dogs

3) Other scent related sports – Field Trials, a day in the life at a AKC Dachshund Field Trial as I’m part of the Dachshund Fanciers of Southwestern Washington

Stay tuned! Pictures of Shermie hunting for odor at Nosework class this week — first story will post Monday.

dog pics Delta and Joyce's class 016




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