April 13, 2014


My Life With A Senior Dog: Bruiser



Bruiser is about ten and early on in life he was diagnosed with disc disease. Our vet recommended we try Acupuncture and we’ve never looked back! Last week he received his treatment from Dr. Jester at Natural Healing Veterinary Acupuncture. Now that he’s older and still really active, he needs tune-ups about every three weeks. It makes a big difference. We started these more regular sessions back in January as I noticed he was stiff and thought his arthritis was perhaps returning with the wet weather. Dr. Jester visits her patients at their home which is really convenient for me since my schedule with work is so busy. You can also head over to Frontier Vet Hospital as Dr. Yung has been Bruiser’s vet for almost ten years now and practices Acupuncture as well.

More about Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine sterile needles (0.16 to 0.3mm diameter) into specific points along the body.  The stimulation of these points causes local muscle relaxation, release of natural pain-relieving hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, increased local circulation, and blockage of pain signaling in the body. 

I pulled this quick fact from Dr. Jester’s Website. The needles are so fine Bruiser barely notices them at all and almost always falls asleep. What I didn’t know is that Acupuncture is great for not only back pain but liver disease, kidney disease and inflammatory bowel disease which Bruiser was also diagnosed with last year. If your dog is experiencing pain, talk to your vet about some other alternatives to pain medication as I’m confident Bruiser lives without pain as a result of these treatments and I don’t have to use drugs like Tramadol or Rimadyl. It’s worth a try, right?

Bruiser during last week's session

Bruiser during last week’s session


8 thoughts on “My Life With A Senior Dog: Bruiser

  1. Awesome! Glad to hear Bruiser did great with acupuncture. I love how veterinary medicine is evolving.

  2. I would never have guessed acupuncture could work for a dog! I’m glad its working for Bruiser!

  3. How wonderful to hear that you found a non-pill based treatment for Bruiser that works! So many dog owners are way too quick to reach for pill medication instead of trying out natural alternatives.

  4. Very good to know! Our dog has had three back surgeries for herniated discs. He also had a horrible reaction to Tramadol the first time. Acupuncture may be something we look into!

    • Thank you! I’m moving your comment to mylifewithdogspdx.com as I want folks to see this! Sent you a note as well and appreciate you commenting on this Acupuncture article. 🙂

    • I’m so sorry your dog has had three back surgeries due to IVDD – and some dogs just don’t do well with Tramadol as it’s hard on their stomachs I’ve found. Definitely look into Acupuncture as an alternative treatment!

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